Hawser/Escort Winches
Markey Machinery offers reliable hawser winches that you can trust to last and get the job done.
Hawser winch, escort winch, Markey Machinery
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Hawser/Escort Winches

Hawser/Escort Winches

Markey Machinery Hawser Escort Winch

Markey Hawser/Escort Winches

Markey Machinery produced its first Hawser winch, designed for spooling high strength synthetic rope, more than three decades ago. Since then Markey engineers have continued to innovate by incorporating features like levelwinds to reduce pull down between lower wraps, automatic gear boxes for on-demand high load and high speed performance, water-cooled dynamic brakes for controlled payout of loaded hawsers, Markey Render/Recover® automatic line tension controls, NexGen programming to prevent electric motor over speeding, and tension monitoring systems for the ultimate in operating safety.

4 Classes of Hawser Winch

Today, Markey innovations have led to four classes of Hawser winches for ships working in dynamic offshore swells, through the break, and in-harbor:

  • Class I “Basic” Hawser Winches feature moderate pull, high speed, high hold capacity static brakes, true freewheel and hawser tension monitoring, allowing operators to work more effectively.
  • Class II Markey “Render/Recover”® Winches include Markey-pioneered automatic tension line control for tethered operations. Tugs safely maneuver through day-long escorts while the winch automatically adjusts scope to maintain preset line tension.
  • Class “II+” Hawser Winches integrate electric motors, multi-disc clutches, and high hold dynamic slip brakes for fingertip control of the winch.
  • Class III “ARR” Hawser Winches are ultra-high performance soft line winches for indirect towing in extreme seaways. Below deck or above deck electric drives and water cooled slip brakes ensure secure load control at full rated tug speed and bollard pull.
Markey Machinery Hawser/Escort Winch
Markey Machinery Hawser Escort Winch Sideview
Markey Hawser Winch Features/Options

Whether you need an Electric, Hydraulic, or Diesel driven machine, Markey Machinery can make it happen. Inquire today.

  • Fast line speeds
  • Emergency abort/freewheel operating mode
  • Levelwind systems
  • High braking capacities
  • Line monitoring system
  • Full range of control options
  • Hydraulic and electric drives
  • Proprietary split drum design available
  • Automatic, “hands-free”, Markey Render/Recover® mode
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