Markey Machinery Custom Marine Winches & Deck Machinery
Markey Machinery Co. offers a wide array of safe & reliable custom built marine winches and heavy deck equipment for large vessels.
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Markey Machinery Custom Marine Winches & Deck Machinery

Safe & Reliable Custom Deck Machinery by Markey Machinery Co

Safe & Reliable Custom Deck Machinery

Our clients and the safety of their crew are our first priorities at Markey Machinery Co. Our team custom manufactures each and every one of our winches to the specifications and usage expectations of each vessel. This ensures not only the safety of the crew, but also saves our clients money by preventing future equipment repairs or replacements. From line speed, pull, size and length to power source and configuration, our engineering and sales teams work hand in hand with the naval architect and client to ensure a successful, cutting edge build.


Our award winning team has designed Classes I, II, II+, & III Hawser Winches, Deep Sea and Near Shore Research Winches, Customized Mooring and Barge-Haul Systems, and led the industry in the development of our groundbreaking Render/Recover® line control system. With over a hundred years of experience and marine expertise, Markey Machinery can confidently design and build a reliable and safe winch or deck machinery that fits your needs.

Markey Products

Markey Machinery Hawser Escort Winch

Hawser/Escort Winches

Reel in or reel out industrial cable or rope

Markey Machinery Towing Winch

Towing Winches

Tow a boat, barge, lumber, or other large load

Markey Machinery Marine Mooring Winch on a Boat

Mooring Winches

Secure a boat, ship, or other vessel to a dock

Markey Machinery Capstan


Keep it organized by winding up industrial rope or cable

Markey Machinery anchor windlass

Anchor Windlasses

Raise and lower the ever important extra heavy anchor

Markey Machinery Specialty Marine deck machinery

Specialty Equipment

Build specialty deck equipment or non-marine machinery

Markey Machinery Combination Winch

Combination Winches

Custom deck machinery with a combination of features

Markey Marine Research Winch

Research Winches

Complete scientific research missions with the ideal machinery

High grade marine metal used to build Markey Machinery Winches

The Markey Quality Assurance

Markey Machinery uses only the highest marine-grade materials available to build our winches, ensuring the end product can withstand the harsh maritime weather, saltwater, heavy usage, and other challenges of today’s high-performance marine winching applications. The durability of our winches and other specialty equipment far exceeds the minimum requirements. Our competitors may sacrifice quality for higher returns, but Markey Machinery will never compromise on the safety or quality of our winches or other deck machinery.

Contact Us Today to find out what Markey Machinery can do for you.