Mooring Winches
Markey Machinery offers the best in reliable mooring winches for large vessels.
Mooring Winch, Markey Machinery
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Mooring Winches

Mooring Winches

Markey Machinery mooring winch on a boat

Markey Mooring Winches

Markey’s mooring systems are working the world over from platforms in Africa and oil fields in the Gulf of Mexico to the numerous barges around the country. Our popular line of DESM models includes a series of rugged single-drum electric mooring winches designed to handle soft line or wire-rope.


As with all of our deck machinery here at Markey, the customer can customize their mooring system to meet their specific needs. To date, we have built machines with multiple drums that handled different line sizes, utilized diesel, hydraulic or electric power sources, and added warping heads for line handling. We have built systems with pneumatic brakes and clutches, engineered for constant tension, and rated for operation in hazardous environments. Whatever your mooring requirement needs, we can work with you to meet them.

Markey Mooring Winch Features/Options

Configuration Single & Double drum configurations
Drive Type Diesel, hydraulic and electric drives
Tensions Systems Hydraulic or Electric Constant-Tensions System
Drum Breaks Manual, hydraulic, and pneumatic drum brakes and clutches
Gears & Shafts Integral gearboxes
Other Features Full range of control options
Markey Machinery Mooring Winch
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