Scientific/Oceanographic Research Winches
Markey Machinery Co. has worked with some of the biggest names in oceanographic research to build custom winches for scientific research missions.
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Scientific/Oceanographic Research Winches

Scientific/Oceanographic Research Winches

scientific oceanographic research winch by Markey Machinery

Markey Machinery Marine Research Winches

Here at Markey Machinery, we have been supporting the scientific community with Near-shore, Deep Sea and Traction winches for over 40 years. We understand that choosing the right machine can mean the difference between getting all the samples you need or returning to port with no data. The deck machinery needs to work correctly every time. That is why Markey Machinery custom builds each research winch to withstand daily use in the harsh marine environment while avoiding costly missed opportunities to complete critical science missions.

Custom Built Winches That Meet Every Need

We work hand in hand with the end users to understand each specific application and then design every winch to match their specifications. Using state-of-the-art technology, Markey Machinery has field-proven active heave compensation, launch and recovery systems, and smart winch controls in use on the most advanced scientific vessels including the R/V Sally Ride and R/V Neil Armstrong. Built to order, we can manufacture winches to utilize the customer’s preferred power source whether Hydraulic only, AC electric or DC electric drives.


As a custom manufacturer, we can design your winch for on deck or below deck installation, include level winds with and without instrumentation, carrying one or two drums different arrangements, and make machines for permanent installation or with features to make them portable cross decking. Level winds can be chain and sprocket driven coupled directly to the drum or motor driven with the convenience of push-button adjustment to accommodate cables of different diameters.

Markey Machinery Research Vessel scientific oceanographic winch

Reliable & Effective Research Winches

When you’re approaching that first sampling station carrying a new science team and a PI’s prototype instrument – the least of your worries should be your deck machinery. The proven reliability and effectiveness of a Markey Machinery product will ease your mind. Markey’s resume includes one hundred years in the winch business, 50 year old machines still in use, and end users like Scripps, Woods Hole, UW, NOAA, UMCES, LUMCON, OSU, and Ocean University of China who rely on our products, to name but a few.

Markey Machinery Marine Research vessel scientific oceanographic winch
Markey Machinery Scientific Oceanographic Research Winch
Winch Options
  • Near-Shore and Deep Sea Applications
  • Full Range of Control Options
  • Permanent or Portable Installation
  • Heave Compensation Available
  • Multiple Power Options
  • Provisions for Slip Ring assemblies
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