A world leader in the marine machinery, Markey Machinery Co. offers the best in reliable, custom marine winches and deck equipment.
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Winch & Deck Machinery Industry Leader

Markey Machinery is a world-renowned leader in marine and non-marine winch fabrication and servicing, entirely based in Seattle, Washington. Our engineering and fabrication team designs custom marine winches and other specialty equipment that fits the needs of each vessel. Our winches and other products are known for their strength, reliability, durability, and engineering. Markey only uses the highest marine-grade material available to provide long-lasting products that are dependable and can hold up to the harshest ocean weather, rigorous use, and saltwater.

Markey Machinery Seattle Custom Deck Machinery & Marine Winches

Fully Customizable Engineering

Winches and specialty equipment are a long-time investment. Every product design is fully custom to each order. The Markey engineering team works closely with our clients to design equipment that fits their exact specifications and needs. The team has countless years of experience in designing marine equipment with superior construction and extraordinary attention to detail. Safety and client needs are our first priority. Other fabricators may compromise on aspects of the build to create a lower priced end product, but you can trust that Markey Machinery will never compromise on safety or reliability. Choosing the Markey Machinery engineering team is the first and best preventative measure you can take to ensure the safety and security of your crew and vessel.

Safe & Reliable Custom Deck Machinery by Markey Machinery Co

Markey Machinery Products

Markey Machinery is dedicated to offering the best in touch marine winches. We also offer many other equipment options for land and sea. We’re always open to creating superior winches and other equipment for cranes, logging, yachts, and more. Just send us an email or call our team to find out if our team can help you build the high caliber equipment your industry requires. Some of our custom products include (but are certainly not limited to):

Markey Machinery Hawser Escort Winch

Hawser/Escort Winches

Reel in or reel out industrial cable or rope

Markey Machinery Towing Winch

Towing Winches

Tow a boat, barge, lumber, or other large load

Markey Machinery Marine Mooring Winch on a Boat

Mooring Winches

Secure a boat, ship, or other vessel to a dock

Markey Machinery Capstan


Keep it organized by winding up industrial rope or cable

Markey Machinery anchor windlass

Anchor Windlasses

Raise and lower the ever important extra heavy anchor

Markey Machinery Specialty Marine deck machinery

Specialty Equipment

Build specialty deck equipment or non-marine machinery

Markey Machinery Combination Winch

Combination Winches

Custom deck machinery with a combination of features

Markey Marine Research Winch

Research Winches

Complete scientific research missions with the ideal machinery

Sentinel Maritime Safeguard & Inspection Compass Logo

Marine Winch Servicing: Sentinel Maritime Safeguard & Inspection

With ever-changing maritime laws, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your vessel is safe and in top working order. Along with the construction of first-rate, reliable marine winches, Markey Machinery also offers offshore winch servicing, inspection, and repair. Our marine surveyors travel to each client location to conduct thorough inspections of our equipment. No need to take time out of your busy schedule to come into port or dry dock. Our team will scrutinize every part to ensure the safety of your equipment. You can rest assured that your winch is in proper working order. If our marine inspectors find an issue, we’ll send a parts estimate and repair your winch or deck machinery around the schedule of your vessel.

History of Markey Machinery Co.

Markey Machinery has a long history of building strong and reliable products. Established in 1907, Markey Machinery has had over 100 years of experience with detail-oriented engineering to provide the exceptional products that it offers today. Many of the employees and management at Markey have remained with the company for 40+ years. That’s 40 years of learning, innovation, and commitment to building the best of the best in marine winches.

Markey Machinery Co. Management Team Group Photo

Our Valued Clients

Our clients are life-long. They return to us time and again for the unrivaled quality of Markey Machinery products. We have produced equipment for many industries and vessels, including tug boats, cranes, research vessels, cargo ships, barges, and even yachts. Below are some of our clients.

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